Savary Island is 8 km long and 1 km wide, fringed by white sandy beaches and surrounded by the warmest waters in the Pacific Northwest. Located at the gateway to Desolation Sound, it is a natural paradise. There are whales, orcas, dolphins, seals and sea lions in the surrounding waters. Salmon, prawns, crab and clams are plentiful. Birds, including ducks, bald eagles, woodpeckers ravens and hummingbirds are common sights.. Sometimes, the loudest noise is the buzzing of bees. There are no predators on Savary: no bears, cougars, wolves, racoons or rats.
The public wharf allows easy loading and unloading of boats. There is sheltered moorage available nearby the wharf, at Mermaid Rock/ The Hole and at Indian Point. The boat ramp at Indian Point and the barge ramp at the east end of the island are available for the launching or hauling out of vessels. Desolation Sound is a wonder for boaters in luxury motor yachts, sailboats or kayaks.
There are no paved roads or streetlights on Savary. Each house makes its own power from solar panels &/or generator. The aquifer supplies water to the islanders.
About 50 people live on Savary year round. Most of the year, the population is about 200, making this feel like your own private paradise. In July and August the island swells to 2000 inhabitants. The island is served by the Lund Water Taxi several times daily. Groceries are available in Lund and larger shops can be found in Powell River. Sunshine Organics delivers fresh produce to the Savary Wharf every Wednesday, and the Land Taxi will even deliver it to your door!
The island community is supportive of the islanders and visitors. The SIVFD has excellent equipment and dedicated membership providing 24/7 First Responder and Fire Services. A weekly Farmer Markets at the Hacienda during the season is a great place to buy fresh produce, baked goods and crafts. Riggers provides a full service restaurant during the summer. They have also been the venue for concerts by Adam Woodall and The Dirty White Boys, among others. Ecoessentials provides an amazing general store and will special order items and deliver! The Resort serves fabulous coffees, goodies and ice cream. The Sugar Shack sells candy and icecream. (Locals also know where to find regular coffee and cookie mornings at their neighbour’s!)
There are various social, musical and work activities on island. SavaryStock is a biannual event hosted by SILT (Savary Island Land Trust). In addition to an auction of works by local artisans, there is locally brewed beer, food, face painting and performances by a dozen different bands. The Firehall Frolic, which occurs on alternate years, offers a used book sale and bake sale, as well as art work, food and music. The Savary Island Fun Triathlon is an annual event with competetive, non competitive, team and individual entries. Work activities include work on the trails and broom bashing. This spring, there was an Island wide Scavenger Hunt. In the summer, the various galleries and cafes open.
Several islanders provide services on the island, ranging from house cleaning, property management, yard work, catering, wedding planning and hosting etc. Propane, gas and diesel are all available on island, either delivered (diesel and propane) or picked up from the depot (propane and gas).



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